What do I focus on when I teach you German?

My teaching is based on three columns: Grammar, vocabulary and oral exercises. Why did I chose these three columns? German has the reputation of being a difficult language. Thats only partly true and mostly said by people who give up to early. Infact German is not more difficult than any other language to learn, BUT unfortunately there are a lot of difficult grammar things just in the beginning. Thats why a lot of people give up early.

What I do is to explain you these difficult things in an easy way just in the beginning. Therefore the first 4 or 5 lessons might be a little bit frustrating, but afterwards you already will be able to write letters and communicate with people. After this there will be a period with a lot of oral and writen exercises. During this time you will get a bigger vocabulary. After a short test you will pass to the next level again with an introduction into the new grammar...

Why do I focus so much on Grammar? Well, I know that most students dont really like to learn Grammar. Thats why language schools such as Berlitz, Nova and teaches languages only on oral exercises. This approach is maybe good for a languages like English with very fews grammar difficulties in the beginning. But German is different and more grammar orientated.Therefore you can learn German much faster like this and then is still enough time to practice the oral expression. Finally there is no difference between the writen and the spoken language. So if you can write and read it, you can also pronounce it easily. (Especially for Japanese the German sounds are much easier to pronounce than English)