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Vereds Erlebnisse in Sukothai

After meeting you in Shukotai I met Yorgen , he lives there (remember him) , he took me for a ride on his bike J and took me to the temple where he was a monk for 7 month.
He introduce me to Surat – Thai monk that he thought English , Surat asked me to come to teach him English , so, I stayed. That was one of the most amazing adventures that I had in this trip.
I came back to the village during a 9 days festival.(Talking about been in the right place right time) because of the festival I couldn’t stay to sleep in the temple as a guest so I went to sleep in Surat’s aunt house, which is actually the family house since all of the family is there all the time..
I don’t know what to describe first: taking baths with the children in the river, cleaning my cloths in the river, fishing breakfast, lunch, dinner in the river, taking a rest time – in the river again. Sleeping with all of the family together and few more (frogs, bugs.), sitting all day long in front of the house learning how to make baskets and flowers for the "la- Gahton” (when they send flowers in the river), eating rice 3 times a day with ants..And drinking milk from the cow…- This was the part of the family.
Surat – 22 years old monk, will finish in this April after 2 years. Hate to be a monk, miss his life and motorcycle, and want to study English to be able to communicate with other…
After 3 days there I knew that I’m going to have a problem. He told me about a dream of a white woman that is coming to him (that’s me), my name there was “kulap” – rose in Thai. And every day he brought me a rose. Then I were the most beautiful and after 8 days he said: “you know what I want to say but I cant because I’m a monk" ..
When I left after two weeks he gave me a pink huge beer J in the color of love and he wrote what he wanted to say …crazy! I’m still in touch with him after I explained what is impossible.

(aus einem Mail von Vered an mich. Mit ihrer freundlichen Erlaubnis publiziert)

I’m still in touch with him after I explained what is impossible.