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Vereds Geschichte mit den Tuktukdrivers in Bangkok

This is the bad story that I promised to tell you:

In the 22.11.00 I went to see the grand palace – it was very nice and then to "wat pu temple",  I couldn’t find the entry and this nice man asked me if I need help…I asked about the entry and he said that it was closed that day. He asked if I have a map and he will show me nice places to visit. He also suggested speaking with a tuk tuk for me, that would take me to all this places and wait for me only for 20 bath for an hour. I went with the tuk tuk driver, site seeing, in the second temple I wanted to take a picture. Suddenly a man came and asked me if I want to be in the photo, I thanked him and we started to speak, he could tell that I’m from Israel and started to speak Hebrew telling me about his friends in Israel. He asked where I’m going and I showed him the map, he pointed on one of the places telling me that it’s a promotion of the Thai government and said that it was the last day , he explained to me how to buy Jules with no tax and make a profit out of it. I was not sure about that so I asked the tuk tuk to go to the market, in the market I heard two people talking about this promotion.. Now I thought that maybe I should go and check… so, I went there.
You arrive to shop that really looks respectable with people dressed in uniform and nice sellers with a government card, the place was also full with tourist that arrived there in the same way that I did but I didn’t knew that and they all looked like its there lucky day . A nice lady showed me the set and explained everything (it was a same explanation like the man in the temple), they showed me the cards, recites, files with passport photos of other customers from, all over the world, it really looked real. I bought a set!!!
I came back to my guesthouse at 17:00, met Steve and told him that I’m going to be rich. He said: “don’t tell me that you bought Juwels- it’s a scam”!
We went to the police, at 18:00 I finished to give the report and by 19:00 I already was in the airport trying to get my parcel back. (The nice people in the shop offered me to send it to my next destination so I wouldn’t have to carry it with me..) – Big mistake!! The parcel was already sent, we came back at one o’clock at night tired and feeling very stupid. I had to say goodbye because Steve had a flight to Chang-Mai next day – I was sad. He gave me money (for food) I had no money, and from that day I will eat rice for a month. From that day everything went wrong.
The next day Takashi woke up late, as usual, I told him what have happen..and asked him to write a fax for me so I will sent it to EMS in Japan (the company that send parcels) and ask them to send my parcel back to Bangkok – the only way that you have a chance to get your money back is to get your parcel back.
We set in Siam guest house and he wrote the fax for me, then he started to say that it only happened to me because I was greedy and it would have never happen to him… I already felt stupid enough without him saying that.. I got angry and told him few things that I thought about him…
He said that we have a month to stand each other. I said that I couldn’t stand him now. –Good bye! That was the beginning. Next day, 24.11.00 –my birthday (also in case you wondered because you want to buy me a present J) I went to the police again, trying to make someone care… nobody was interested. I started to walk back to my place, suddenly a man appeared, he said he is from the government…that they suspect the tourist police, EMS and G.P.O. –(general post office of Bangkok) that they are all part of the scam and if I want to work with them.
It was rely weird but I had nothing to , I went with him. That was my first day in the department, long crazy unbelievable day, I told them my story.
In the evening I went back to my G.H. thinking about all the e-mails I will have…and… Nothing!!! Nobody remembered my birthday!!!! And from that day I didn’t hear from anybody till this thing was over. (I did was in touch with them before..). Next day I got e-mail with bad news from Ailin (my friend in Japan) she is leaving Japan and our apartment. . So I have no place to go back too, and she needs to find where to put my stuff. I told her that she can call Eduardo (the man I almost married!) and he will take my things and I also can stay with him…
If there is one person that I can relay on – this is the one. He will never disappoint me. My mistake! Next day I got e-mail from Ailin : she called him ,he said he don’t want to help. The reason: I only called him twice and sent few letters!!!  What ??? What is going on??!!
I’m in Bangkok, feeling like a real stupid, no money, no friends, lost my boy friend (two of them..), I’m really sad. so, I decided that its just money , I will call Asiana airlines and take my ticket back.. I was tired of this trip, I had enough. I called them: no tickets!!! Everything is booked till January. I’m a prisoner in Bangkok!!! It was unbelievable, I had nothing to do so I started to do something to find my money back…
I started to work every two days in the department, helping them with new victims (they were a lot of us) , translating things and just been around , trying to get information to solved my problem. In the rest of the time I became the expert – I found people that can help me and also whiling to do that in G.P.O. and EMS, I collected addresses, e-mails, phone numbers… Also wrote letters to all of them to be aware if my parcel coming back from Japan to contact me and fax, e-mail and calls to Japan to ask them to send my parcel back to me.
Because I had no address in Japan the shop offered me to sent it to G.P.O. in airport – this thing does not exist so the parcel is going back to the sender – I didn’t mean to let that happen. My days were quit full but I still was lonely, angry and hungry (no money for food), I didn’t tell Anybody about what happens to me.
After a week I decided that I have to fight harder… I printed a fliers that tells about the Jules scum and warn people and started to give it to people in Kao San road. It was still not enough, I started to go every day to the area where they find the victims and take them to the tuk tuk (palace, wat pu temple) and to warn people, after a while I started to actually take people out of the tuk tuk…They were very angry, they started to yell after me "fuck you" and sometimes following me for a while. But I had a mission…. Every day I did that, tried to find my parcel and helping in the department. It was a crazy time.
Finally, in the 13.12.00 I discovered that my parcel is in Bangkok again!! I was so happy, I thought its over now, I even didn’t care that it was there from 7.12.00!!! – I just understood that my connections were not so good as I thought. If you have your parcel back the department are making the manager of the shop to come there and to bargain with you. Most of the tourist think that they lost there money and nobody want to stay in Bangkok so usually they get from 50 – 65 % from the money and leaving Bangkok as fast as possible. I asked Mr.Manat, the head of the department, to send Mr. Susahi and Yanee the translator of the department both of them helped me a lot. So, we went to the G.P.O. just to discover that one of the managers there!! Took the parcel and gave it back to the shop!!! I was really angry, I knew him and he knew me. We went to the first manager of G.P.O and told him the story, he called that manager and asked him to go to the shop and bring the parcel back… He went there, came back, with 3 parcels and said that my parcel was sent back to japan ! I knew he is lying, that was a very hard moment, I felt like all of this time, nothing? I started to scream like crazy, that I want my parcel, that he is a layer, that im going to sue all of them ..It was a good show, I was a mad woman, and they are not use to that. Yanee translated them what I said and the big manager told the other one that if he is not bringing my parcel he would be fired. He called them… I was still screaming like crazy in his face,  he said that he can bring the parcel in two days.. Now he can bring it back from Japan in two days??? – He is a criminal! I started to scream Now Now !! I want my parcel now…   it was funny, he was really scared. He called again and said that tomorrow – I screamed: N O  W  WWWW !!!!! I got my parcel in that day…
In my way back I saw again, tuk tuk drivers..Taking tourist I couldn’t help myself and went to warn them.. All the tuk tuk already knew me by now they started following me , I was not impressed, but usually they are leaving after a while, this time they didn’t, I started to walk faster and faster and they were still there… now I was afraid , I started to walk very fast , they were still there , so I went to two tourist and asked them to take me to my G.H. When we arrived I wrote e-mails to other victims that I was in touch now, to come to take me because I cant leave, a tuk tuk driver was outside, Steve sent me-mail and he was in Bangkok again- I was so Glad! I couldn’t sleep all night, like many nights before…
In the morning I met the manager of the shop, we were two, another victim and me that got her parcel back. She was the first with him – she took 60 %. I went in… he started to scream trying to impress me. . I was not impressed. I was cold as ice. Practice all night on my tough face…
I could see that he understand English because every time that I spoke with Yanee he tried to listen. So , I set in front of him , look into his ayes and told him : "I’m taking 100 or 120 % - you can choose, I’m not leaving with less then that. He screamed again, I waited, you know the expression: “A dog barking will not byte”.  And as I see that – he is the dog. Then, my best lines: “if I will stay here one more day the project of my life will be to make your life miserable – and you know me by now (he did, from tuk tuk drivers and others) ,  I don’t care any more if you will make me I will even stay here, as much as it will take, I will take you to court and you will sit 7 years if I win , if not, you will lose a lot of money (did my home work before..). You should think if my 50 % worth you all of this" I’m sorry to say, that but I was a star!!! I was great, really do. He went out to make some calls, came back after half an hour.. I got my 100 % and… a job offers!
After he brought my money Mr.Manat said that I must leave Bangkok… but, I couldn’t.. – No place on the flight. He went with me to the Asiana –airlines and I had a sit for two days later… The next two days I moved with all of my friends = body guards to another area.
In the day of the flight, the people from Manat’s office came to take me an escort me till I did the check in…. He also gave me an advice, don’t visit Thailand too soon….
How about that ?  Nice adventure …isn’t it?

(Ausschnitt aus einem Mail von Vered. Publiziert mit ihrer Erlaubnis)